The Inducer

The Inducer is a custom-built specially designed low-noise high-definition stereo system that's aimed towards sound designers. The Inducer runs 2 Acoustic Lens transducers, the heart of the system. Each Acoustic Lens, which can have a cable length of up to 6 feet, employs multiple sensors to create a well defined sonic image of whatever it's attached to.

Features of the Inducer stereo system:

  • The renowned Acoustic LensTM triple shielded polyplanar transducers, still hand-made in the USA
  • Runs on 2 – 9V batteries for 100+ hours with an LED low battery warning indicator
  • Has a greater than -100dB idle noise floor, 115dB S/N ratio, better than .005% THD
  • Has external gain controls for up to +55dB gain adjustment
  • Has XLR balanced outs for each channel, plus TRS 1/4" outs (balanced or unbalanced)
  • Has a phase switch for each channel out
  • Plugging a pickup into either input powers up the unit
  • Easily-transportable size: The Inducer preamp box is approximately 5" x 4" x 2.5" (120mm x 100mm x 59mm),
    and the footprint of each Acoustic Lens transducer is 1" x 3/8"

    The Inducer is available for $699USD plus shipping and is built to order, taking 4-8 weeks to ship. Some additional info on the system is contained in the user info sent with the system; download the PDF here.

    Also available is our hardshell Trance Audio Custom Shop Case which is customized for the Inducer system.
    The case is available in black or blue and is $60USD.

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