New Installation Method - Pickups made easy!

We have a new mono Amulet M system as well as our classic Amulet stereo system, and now we've made installing them a whole lot easier!

In the past, we'd heard from some potential customers who, while excited about the sound of our pickups, worried about the install process and felt they couldn't manage it themselves, or didn't have a local luthier/repairperson who had experience with Trance Audio systems, and didn't trust them to do the job properly.

Well, we now have a new installation method that makes it simple for just about anyone to easily and accurately install our Amulet systems in their instruments. See HERE for step by step details. Our new template method works without any messy adhesives (no superglue, no epoxies, no contact cement), or even having to look inside the guitar! It really is just as easy as sticking the Acoustic Lens transducers to the bridgeplate inside the guitar; using the template you quickly and easily create, you'll be guided exactly where you need to go. The specialized adhesive tapes we use will hold the pickups securely in place for as long as you wish, yet can still be cleanly removed to transfer the system to another guitar without damage to the instrument, electronics or pickups.

SO! Doing the installation yourself has great advantages; you not only save time and money, but you can audition the system right away through the gear you'll be using. If any adjustments need to be made, they can be done quickly and to your preferences, without the time-consuming back and forth with your installer. And if you prefer to have a local luthier/repairperson do the job, our instructions make it simple for them to do a great installation even without previous experience with our pickups.

If you've been considering a Trance Audio system, take a look at how simple it can be!

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